40 years of Success

Our method for selecting new investments is diligent and intuitive

We work with businesses that have given success their own unique definition – whether that be through the standards they have, the approach they take, or their own method of driving society towards a sustainable future. Most importantly, we invest in great management teams that echo our own values of integrity and respect.

Our investment
portfolio is

Creating positive change

We invest in what we believe in – businesses with their own unique potential. We take our successes (and our losses) in our stride, and are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative opportunities.

We have a growing passion for businesses achieving positive change and are very interested to collaborate with such ventures – but the trajectory of our investments is broad.

A selection of our investments

African Conservation Development Group

African Conservation Development Group is an experienced developer of sustainable, integrated land use projects in Africa, specialising in climate-smart, conservation-led development.


Anthemis is a venture investment platform founded on three guiding principles: authentic collaboration, virtuous cycle outcomes, and diversity, equity and inclusion.


Bink’s vision is to transform the world of loyalty by empowering Brands to build deep relationships with their customers. Bink enables customers to be identified every time they pay using their payment card at a retailer and seamlessly rewards them, delivering a frictionless loyalty experience at each touchpoint.


Candid are eliminating barriers to orthodontic treatment. By providing the highest standard of care, they empower people to change their lives. Straighter teeth are just the start.


Divido is a provider of an online retail finance platform designed to boost sales, customer conversion and average order values.

DTO Motorsport

DTO was founded with a vision to provide exceptional and transformative automotive products and programmes. They combine deep expertise with their distinctive personality, creating fun and memorable experiences in the process. DTO appeals equally to enthusiasts who love cars and racing, as well as those looking for a fresh, unique and thrilling approach to corporate entertainment.

DTO Logo
Exton Advisors

A leading independent advisory business in disputes finance, Exton Advisors helps companies maximise opportunity and minimise risk in their disputes.

Exton Logo
Funding Xchange

Funding Xchange is a financial service company that makes finding funding options easy and transparent for businesses.


Headspace is an app that helps users to start meditating. Headspace has one mission: to improve the health and happiness of the world.


Itch are developers and providers of pet kits intended to offer convenient and effective flea treatment for pets. They enable owners to keep their pets free from fleas and other health problems without a hassle.


London-based Laka, is a community driven insurance start-up.

Ludlow Trust

Recently founded, and staffed by highly experienced professionals, Ludlow Trust provides unparalleled trust-based support to individuals and families.

Ludlow Trust logo

Nimbla is a digital insurance platform designed to help small and medium-sized businesses across the UK. With their expert risk modelling tools, they can insure invoices against non-payment in the event of insolvency.


A global technology partner for banks, building societies & credit unions, helping to ‘bankify’ enterprises.

PitPat Pet

PitPat is the UK’s number one dog monitor. PitPat offers an easy way to keep track of your dog’s activity level, to manage their weight and exercise requirements.

Sequator Advisors

Sequator provides a revolutionary capital markets solution to comprehensively address litigation risk globally. They change the way litigation risk is dealt with by counterparties with a seamless solution providing transparency, standardisation and speed to an often opaque, complex and cumbersome sector of the business world.


Simba have been manufacturing mattresses since 1979. After many decades of development, Simba have created a mattress engineered for sleep.

St Aubyn’s School property development

Sussex developers Fairfax are tasked with breathing new life into the former St. Aubyn’s School, which closed in 2013. Situated in the heart of Rottingdean Village, the Grade II listed building will be renovated to provide the local community with high quality, affordable housing.

Swissotel Amsterdam

Swissotel Amsterdam is a four-star boutique hotel located by Dam Square, in the heart of Amsterdam’s historic city center and a short walk from Amsterdam Central Station.


Tide is a UK financial technology company providing mobile-first banking services for small and medium-sized enterprises. It enables businesses to set up a current account and get instant access to various financial services.

Trade Ledger

Trade Ledger are enabling financial institutions to accelerate and transform their complex mid-market business finance operations through data, analytics and technology.


Waldo are UK-based producers of contact lenses, designed for optimum comfort and moisture.

Wealth Kernel

WealthKernel is a supplier of investment infrastructure for companies looking to offer digital investment services, whether as stand-alone or in addition to their present offering.

WMD Capital

WMD Capital is Germany’s leading and fastest growing online portal that specializes in the selection of asset managers